Using Containers For Year-Round Plants

Whether you are an avid gardener or just love to dabble in the dirt, you can successfully keep colorful pots of plant life thriving all year long. Instead of putting your container plants into the ground or completely abandoning your efforts when things start to cool down, choose several attractive pottery containers and plant your year-round container garden.

Container Survival

Experts recommend that you choose plants that can withstand temperatures that are two zone levels below what your climate usually experiences. You need to take this step because containers do not provide the same measure of root protection that planting in a flowerbed does. You have to make certain that the pot drainage is adequate and that you remember to water and feed the plants regularly. Your plants are likely to stay smaller when you raise them in a container, but they are still beautiful and add interest to your landscaping efforts. 

Planting Strategy

If you want to keep your plants thriving in containers for several years, try planting just one variety per pot. You can make your containers more exciting by placing several contrasting "one plant" pots close together. Feel free to fill the pot to get that abundant look that you want, but be prepared to thin out your plant population if necessary. Also, you may have to replace a plant or two down the line. These containers really don't require a great deal of maintenance, but you will have to devote some time to them. 

Finding the right containers is essential to your success. They must provide the right environment for your plants, but they should also provide visual interest, particularly if you are embracing the "one plant" type per pot philosophy. 

Plant Types

What you can successfully grow depends on where you live, but certain plant types do better in containers than others. Of course, evergreens such as yuccas, boxwood, and junipers can be valuable additions to your container landscaping. Many hardy shrub roses work well along with numerous perennials. You will have to experiment with different combinations until you find what works best in your climate.

You do not have to abandon your container plant life when fall arrives. You can plant containers that will survive and even thrive with a little planning and modest maintenance. Why should you invest so much time in creating the perfect pots only to start from scratch again each year? Container gardening can make your landscaping efforts easier and more satisfying. 

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