Restore the Health and Beauty of an Evergreen That Is Infested with Carpenter Ants

If you have an evergreen tree on your property that is starting to look unhealthy due to a carpenter-ant infestation, eliminate the pests and prune damaged branches with the following steps. Once you have treated the tree, it will be likely to thrive and continue to provide your property with shade and beauty.


  • neem oil
  • spray bottle
  • water
  • ladder
  • gardening gloves
  • pruning shears
  • tree pruner with extension handle
  • water hose

Apply a Natural Pesticide to Parts of the Tree That Are Affected

Add neem oil and water to a spray bottle according to the directions listed on the back of the neem oil's packaging. Mix the contents in the bottle by vigorously shaking the container for a minute or two. Neem oil is derived from seeds that grow on the neem tree. It is non-toxic to humans and any other mammals, making it a product that is completely safe to use.

Set up a ladder by the evergreen tree. Inspect its branches and trunk in order to locate where the majority of the carpenter ants are. Spray a liberal amount of the neem oil and water mixture to each affected area. The mixture will kill many carpenter ants on contact. Any ants that remain may die shortly afterward if they ingest the oil.

Prune Damaged Branches

Examine the tree's branches. If any of them are turning brown or have wilted due to the ant infestation, pruning them will promote healthy growth. It will also be beneficial to trim branches that are blocking other ones from receiving sunlight or that are growing close to your home. Use a pair of pruning shears to clip branches that are located near the bottom of the tree. Remove a minimal amount of each branch as necessary so that the tree does not incur any permanent injuries.

Clip halfway through the top of one of the branches. Once finished, clip through the bottom part of the branch. Avoid pulling on the branch or bending it, as that could cause damage to the portion that remains. Trim the remaining branches that are located near the bottom of the tree in the same manner. Climb a ladder and use a tree pruner that is connected to an extension handle to clip the ends of branches that are out of reach. Dispose of all of the damaged parts that were removed.

Care for the Tree

Make sure that the soil around the tree's base remains moist. If the weather conditions are dry, use a water hose to apply water to the soil. Visually inspect the tree on a daily basis. If you spot additional ants, apply more of the neem oil and water mixture. With the proper care, the evergreen will be restored to a healthy state.

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