3 Combine Parts That Will Need To Be Replaced After Months Of Storage

Combines are one of the few machines that you only use once a year. They spend most of their time stored away in a barn or covered for months. This means that there is a lot of maintenance and repair that need to be done when harvest season comes around. You will want to do things like replace worn rubber parts, inspect the engine and do repairs. There is one thing that you can be sure of every year, there are always going to be some parts that need replacing. Here are some of the parts that you will likely need to replace this year:

1. Broken Teeth On The Cutter Blades That Need Replacing

One of the most common problems with combines is broken teeth on the cutter. This can happen has you pass over rocks or obstructions in a field and the teeth get broken. Modern combines have replaceable teeth. Before you start using your machine, make sure that all the teeth or in good condition. You may need to replace sections of the blade with damaged teeth if they are the fixed type teeth.

2. Replacing Dry Or Damaged Rubber Belts That Move Wheels

Rubber belts are used for many of the moving parts on a combine harvester. Rubber can be a problem when it is sitting idle for too long. The belts will start to wear and dry out on the combine and will need to be replaced. The belts dry out because they are sitting still and do not get lubricated. Sometimes, the belts may last for several years but you can expect to need to replace some of the belts when you do routine maintenance. This is why rubber belts are parts that you will want to have on hand for maintenance.

3. Repairing Or Replacing Damaged Chains On The Cutter

Repairing and replacing damaged chains on the cutter is another repair that your combine may need. This is because many cutters have a main chain that provides energy to the wheels and other moving parts on the cutter. Sometimes, you may be able to repair a chain but in many cases it is best to completely replace it.

After months of sitting, doing the right maintenance and repairs can ensure that your combine is ready for the harvest season without any problems. If you need parts for your combine maintenance, contact a combine parts sales service to get what you need before you start harvesting your fields. For more information, contact a business such as TractorTool.