3 Options To Consider With Your Mini Tractor

From tilling and plowing gardens to cutting your grass, mini tractors serve many different purposes on a residential property. These workhorses have numerous attachments available and boast a wealth of power just like their larger counterparts. Yet, the mini tractor is small enough to park in your garage and does not cause problems when it needs to be hauled. If you are planning to invest in a new mini tractor for your residential property, you will be faced with all kinds of options since no two models are exactly the same. Here's a look at some of the options to seriously consider with your mini tractor investment. 

Closed Cab

A closed cab is not something a lot of mini tractors come equipped with, but those that do are considered to be some of the best models. Even those mini tractor models usually have a cab-closing attachment that can be fitted around the seat if you like the idea of working while out of the weather. However, a mini tractor that comes equipped with a closed cab is likely going to give you things like:

  • air conditioning for hot summer days
  • heating when you are working in the cold
  • a radio to keep you entertained while you work

Detachable Mowing Deck

If the mini tractor you are considering comes with an integrated mowing deck, you may figure this is the best option, and in some ways, it can be really convenient. However, most property owners prefer a mini tractor that has a fully detachable mowing deck. Fully detachable mowing decks either mount beneath the tractor or are designed as a pull-behind attachment. The beauty of these detachable mowing decks is you can completely eliminate them from the equation when you are working on certain projects and don't need the mower in the way. 


Not all mini tractors have headlights equipped, especially some of the most basic models that do not come with a lot of extras in an effort to keep the price as low as possible. However, those equipped headlights will be super helpful for various reasons. For one, and perhaps most importantly, you will be able to use your tractor after dark if you have to. Secondly, it can be really helpful to have headlights equipped if you need to drive the tractor on the roadway or in a dark part of the barn or garage where visibility is low.