Learn How to Safely Use a Wood Chipper for the First Time

If you want to clean up your lawn of fallen tree limbs, a wood chipper can be a great tool to use. You can often rent a wood chipper from a home improvement store, but it is important to make sure that you know how to use it safely. The following guide walks you through a few tips for using a wood chipper in the safest manner possible. Do Not Use Your Hands or Feet to Clear a Jam

Why You Need Muck Boots When Working Around Livestock

Anyone who has worked around farm animals before is likely already familiar with the mess and hazards they entail, especially for your feet. Relying on a pair of sneakers for agricultural work can get you through the day, but it can also put both you and your animals at risk. If you have been making do without muck boots until now, it may be time to reconsider the investment. These are four ways wearing work boots around livestock can protect your feet and keep your animals safe at the same time.

Three Things To Do After Clearing Neglected Land For Farming

If you are a homesteader who wants to clear land for a garden and pasture, and you've never cleared land before, you have to realize that this is not just a matter of cutting down trees and planting seeds. Once the trees and brush have been cut away, you still have a lot of preparation to do before your field will be ready for planting or pasture use. Here are three things you need to do immediately after clearing that plant life.

Using Containers For Year-Round Plants

Whether you are an avid gardener or just love to dabble in the dirt, you can successfully keep colorful pots of plant life thriving all year long. Instead of putting your container plants into the ground or completely abandoning your efforts when things start to cool down, choose several attractive pottery containers and plant your year-round container garden. Container Survival Experts recommend that you choose plants that can withstand temperatures that are two zone levels below what your climate usually experiences.